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Polar Data Management Policy

Chapter 1 - General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

This Policy aims to establish regulations on the preservation, management, sharing and rational use of polar research data that are obtained from research activities conducted by the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) and outsourced by the KOPRI.

Article 2 (Definitions of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in this Policy shall be as follows:

  1. The "Antarctic region" shall refer to land, ice shelves, waters and air in the south of 60°S.
  2. The "Arctic region" shall refer to land, ice shelves, waters and air in the north of 66.5°N.
  3. The "polar regions" shall refer to the regions defined in Clause 1 and Clause 2 above.
  4. The "polar data" shall refer to tangible and intangible data obtained from the entire process of polar research conducted in the polar regions and additional data, information and outcomes that are obtained from the research(hereinafter referred to as the "Data").
  5. The "metadata" shall refer to data used to explain the structure and outline of the Data, and consist of the title, producer, contents, summaries, locations and times of acquisition, formats and qualities of the Data.
  6. The "raw data" shall refer to data obtained from polar research, with original status and without any artificial processes or treatments, and include electronically-stored digital data and tangible and intangible analog data such as organisms, soils, rocks, water, snow, ice and air, etc.
  7. The "processed data" shall refer to data obtained through secondary processes or analyses with the "raw data" or other processed date using analytical devices, equipment and computers.
  8. The "result data" shall refer to the final data drawn from the raw data and the processed data as research.
  9. The "principal investigator" shall refer to the person in charge of a research project with regard to data acquisition and deduction, or a person entrusted with authorities and responsibilities by the principal investigator.

Article 3 (Ownership)

All data produced by research projects conducted and outsourced by the KOPRI shall be owned by the KOPRI.

Article 4 (Subjects of Management)

The Data to be managed under this Policy shall include any tangible and intangible data including the metadata, the raw data, the processed data, the result data obtained from polar research.

Article 5 (Korea Polar Data Center)

The administration and coordination of management, and the permanent preservation, management, sharing and use of the Data shall be conducted by the Korea Polar Data Center (hereinafter referred to as "Data Center").

Chapter 2 - Data Management

Article 6 (Establishment and Implementation of Data Management Plans)

The principal investigator shall establish a data management plan and manage the Data in accordance with the data management plans.

Article 7 (Metadata Registration)

Upon acquisition of data, the principal investigator shall immediately produce metadata in accordance with the requirements provided by the Data Center and register the metadata to the Data Center.

Article 8 (Registration of Raw, Processed and Result Data)

The principal investigator shall register the raw data, the processed data and the result data to the Data Center within three months from the date of acquisition.

Article 9 (Data Management and Storage)

The Data Center shall manage and store the metadata, the raw data, the processed data and the result data that are registered by the principal investigator.

Chapter 3 - Data Disclosure and Utilization

Article 10 (Data Disclosure and Utilization)

  1. All data obtained from polar research activities shall be disclosed to be freely used for scientific purposes. The Data Center shall establish relevant system to be accessed and used by online and offline.
  2. The Data registered according to the data management plan shall not be disclosed for a certain period upon the principal investigator’s request. However, the decision not to disclose requires a separate authorization.
  3. The Data Center shall open the data online and offline when the time of disclosure is coming according to data management plan, or after determining whether to disclose it or not within 14 days from the disclosure date requested by the principal investigator who is directly concerned.
  4. For efficient data search and effective data use, the Data to be disclosed shall be registered in the Antarctic Master Directory (AMD).
  5. Those who intend to use the Data shall submit an application, which includes the scope and the purpose of the Data utilization, to the Data Center, and the Data Center shall review the application and notify the result within 14 days.

Article 11 (Citation)

The Data shall be used within the extent of the scope and the purpose that are notified. In any results from the Data, the Data source shall be referred following the standard format provided by the Data Center and the result shall be reported to the Data Center (further discussion required).

Article 12 (Data Management Report)

The Data Center shall make and report the status of data registration, inspection and utilization.

Supplementary Provision

This Policy shall be effective on the date of announcement.

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