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Entry ID KPDC_RAD_JBS_2017
Entry Title Solar-, longwave- and ultraviolet radiation data at Jang Bogo Station in 2017
Abstract Pyranometer, Pyrgeometer, Total Ultraviolet, UV-A and UV-B are operated year round continously. Downward solar radiation, atmospheric longwave radiation, total ultraviolet radiation, UV-A and UV-B are sampled every second and ten-minute averaged data are recorded on a data logger
Purpose Monitoring of changes in meteorological variables with altitude over Jang Bogo station
Science Keyword
  • Atmosphere > Atmospheric Radiation > Solar Radiation
  • Atmosphere > Atmospheric Radiation > Longwave Radiation
  • Atmosphere > Atmospheric Radiation > Ultraviolet Radiation
ISO Topic Category
  • Taejin Choi (Email:
  • PYRANOMETERS(Standard Precision Pyranometer)
  • PYRANOMETERS(Precision Infrared Radiometer)
  • TUVR(Total Ultraviolet Radiometer)
  • UV-A meter(UVA Model 501 Radiometer)
  • UV-B meter(UVB Model 501 Radiometer)
  • Datalogger(CR3000 Micrologger)
  • JBS(Jang Bogo station, Antarctic Jang Bogo Research Station)
  • Continent, Antarctica
Spatial Coverage
  • (Lat: -74.62381111111111, Lon: 164.23207222222223)
Temporal Coverage
  • 2017-01-01 ~ 2017-12-31
    Create/Update Date Thursday, January 4, 2018
    Author SEO WON SEOK (Email:
    Data Center Korea Polar Data Center (KPDC)
    Contact Point, more information

    Korea Polar Data Center

    Korea Polar Research Institute

    26, Songdomirae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea