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Entry ID KPDC_2018_0109
Entry Title CPS1m
Abstract CPS1m is termed as 'cell-protection substances 1 mutant' capable of protection of the cells and lowering freezing points below melting points. Antarctic marine diatom, Chaetoceros neogracile was reported to produce and secrete CPS1m.
Purpose CPS1m genes will be utilized to protect the skin and tissue cells by applying any valuable products.
Science Keyword
  • Biosphere > Vegetation > Biomass
ISO Topic Category
  • Biota
  • Kim Eun Jae (Email:
  • Sanghee Kim (Email:
        Spatial Coverage
        • (Lat: 78°55´N, Lon: 11°56´E) ~ (Lat: 62°13´S, Lon: 58°47´W)
        Temporal Coverage
        • 2018-09-07
        • [PE18180] Large-scale production and Clinical evaluation of CPS (Cell-Protecting Substance) from polar microalgae (Leader: Kim Sanghee)
        Create/Update Date Friday, October 5, 2018
        Author Kim Eunjae (Email:
        Data Center Korea Polar Data Center (KPDC)
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        Korea Polar Data Center

        Korea Polar Research Institute

        26, Songdomirae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea