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  • Geochemistry (1)

    Biogeochemistry, Chemical Fixation, Chemical Weathering, Hydration, Ion Exchange, Isotopes, Major Elements, Marine Geochemistry, Minor Elements, Oxidation/Reduc ...

  • Geodetics/Gravity (1)

    Control Surveys, Crustal Motion, Geoid Properties, Gravitational Field, Gravity, Ocean Crust Deformation, Polar Motion, Reference Systems, Rotational Variations ...

  • Geomagnetism (1)

    Electrical Field, Geomagnetic Forecasts, Geomagnetic Indices, Geomagnetic Induction, Magnetic Anomalies, Magnetic Declination, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Inclinat ...

  • Geomorphology (0)

    Coastal Landforms/Processes, Eolian Landforms/Processes, Fluvial Landforms/Processes, Glacial Landforms/Processes, Karst Landforms/Processes, Tectonic Landforms ...

  • Geothermal (3)

    Geothermal Energy, Geothermal Temperature

  • Natural Resources (1)

    Coal, Gas Hydrates, Metals, Natural Gas, Non-metallic Minerals, Petroleum, Radioactive Elements, Reclamation/Revegetation/Restoration

  • Rocks/Minerals (13)

    Age Determinations, Bedrock Lithology, Igneous Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks, Meteorites, Mineraloids, Minerals/Crystals, Sedimentary Rocks, Sediments

  • Seismology (15)

    Earthquake Dynamics, Earthquake Occurrences, Earthquake Predictions, Seismic Body Waves, Seismic Profile, Seismic Surface Waves

  • Tectonics (19)

    Core Processes, Faults, Folds, Isostatic Rebound, Lithospheric Plate Motion, Neotectonics, Plate Boundaries, Plate Tectonics, Strain, Stratigraphic Sequence, St ...

  • Volcanoes (14)

    Eruption Dynamics, Lava, Magma, Pyroclastics, Volcanic Ash/Dust, Volcanic Gases

Latest 10 Items
  • 1. Oxygen isotopographs of minerals in Ca-Al-rich inclusions

    [KPDC_2017_0140] Quantitative oxygen isotope images (isotopographs) of refractory minerals in a Ca-Al-rich inclusion (CAI) from Allende were obtained with the isotope microscope system at Hokkaido University, Japan

    Registered on October 31, 2017

  • 2. Rock samples of Australian-Antarctic Ridge, 2016-17 season

    [KPDC_2017_0075] The rocks and basaltic glasses from Australian-Antarctic Ridge(AAR) are collected by dredge and rock corer on ARAON in 16-17 season.

    Registered on October 11, 2017

  • 3. ANA07C Multi-Channel Seismic Survey Lines

    [KPDC_MCS_ANTARCTIC_2016] Multi-Channel seismic data were collected during the 2016-2017 ANA07C cruise in the Ross Sea, Antarctic Ocean

    Registered on September 29, 2017

  • 4. Hydroacoustic data in Terra Nova Bay, 2016

    [KPDC_2017_0012] Collaborating with NOAA, 3 Autonomous Underwater Hydrophones(AUH) were deployed in Southern Terra Nova Bay on 10 December 2015 as a part of the ANA06A research cruise, and they were recovered on 9 Feburary 2017

    Registered on April 27, 2017

  • 5. KPSN seismic data

    [KPDC_2017_0008] Continuous broadband seismic data recorded on Korea Polar Seismic network

    Registered on April 25, 2017

  • 6. Rock samples of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, 2015-16 season

    [KPDC_NVLR_2015-16_JW_01] This entry is for the rock samples of Northern Victoria Land (NVL), Antarctica collected in 2015-16 austral summer season. The collection includes sedimentary rocks (sandstone, limestone, conglomerate, and so on) of the Lower Paleozoic Bowers and Beacon supergroups, metamorphic rocks of the Wilson Terrane, and volcanic rocks of the McMurdo Volcanics. Many of the rock samples this season, especiall ...

    Registered on January 5, 2017

  • 7. ARA07C Multi-Channel Seismic Survey Lines

    [KPDC_MULTI_CHANNEL_SEISMIC_DATA_ARA07C_2016] Multi-Channel seismic data were collected during the 2016 ARA07C cruise in the East Siberian Sea, Arctic Ocean

    Registered on November 1, 2016

  • 8. Marine heat flow around Adare Trough

    [KPDC_HEATFLOW_ANTARCTICA_2016] Heat flow measurements in the Adare Trough, Antarctica

    Registered on October 27, 2016

  • 9. Hydrophone data near the Balleny Islands, Antarctica

    [KPDC_HP_ANTARCTIC_2016] Hydrophone data near the Balleny Islands, Antarctica

    Registered on October 27, 2016

  • 10. Seismic data collected from KPSN at David Glacier and Terra Nova Bay area in 2015

    [KPDC_KPSN_SD_2015] Collecting long-term seismic observation to study tectonics, volcanic activities, in addition to the movement of glaciers around the David Glacier and Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

    Registered on February 18, 2016

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