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  • Gamma Ray (0)

    Gamma Ray Flux

  • Infrared Wavelengths (0)

    Brightness Temperature, Infrared Flux, Infrared Imagery, Infrared Radiance, Reflected Infrared, Sensor Counts, Thermal Infrared

  • Lidar (1)

    Lidar Backscatter, Lidar Depolarization Ratio

  • Microwave (0)

    Antenna Temperature, Brightness Temperature, Microwave Imagery, Microwave Radiance, Sensor Counts

  • Platform Characteristics (9)

    Airspeed/Ground Speed, Attitude Characteristics, Data Synchronization Time, Flight Data Logs, Line Of Sight Velocity, Orbital Characteristics, Viewing Geometry

  • Radar (0)

    Doppler Velocity, Radar Backscatter, Radar Cross-section, Radar Imagery, Radar Reflectivity, Return Power, Sensor Counts, Sigma Naught

  • Radio Wave (0)

    Radio Wave Flux

  • Sensor Characteristics (0)

    Dome Temperature, Electrical Properties, Phase and Amplitude, Sink Temperature, Thermal Properties, Total Pressure, Total Temperature, Ultraviolet Sensor Temper ...

  • Ultraviolet Wavelengths (0)

    Sensor Counts, Ultraviolet Flux, Ultraviolet Radiance

  • Visible Wavelengths (0)

    Sensor Counts, Visible Flux, Visible Imagery, Visible Radiance

  • X-ray (0)

    X-ray Flux

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