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극지유전체 101 프로젝트: 극지생물 유전체 정보 분석 및 활용기반 구축

Polar Genomics 101 Project: Genome analysis of polar organisms and establishment of application platform

PE18080 Polar Genomics 101 Project: Genome analysis of polar organisms and establishment of application platform

PI. Park Hyun, 2018-01-01 ~ 2018-12-31

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Repository Search Results
No. Title Registration Date
1 Antarctic blackfin icefish genome reveals adaptations to extreme environments 2020.10.19
2 Transcriptome profiling suggests roles of innate immunity and digestion metabolism in purplish Washington clam 2020.10.20
3 De novo assembly and annotation of the blood transcriptome of the southern giant petrel Macronectes giganteus from the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica 2020.10.20
4 Genomic Insight Into the Predominance of Candidate Phylum Atribacteria JS1 Lineage in Marine Sediments 2019.01.18
5 Embryos of an Antarctic zooplankton require anoxia for dormancy, are permeable to lipophilic chemicals, and reside in sediments containing PCBs 2020.10.19
6 Comparative transcriptome analysis of field- and chamber-grown samples of Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl, an Antarctic flowering plant 2020.10.19
7 Identification of reference genes for RT-qPCR in the Antarctic moss <em>Sanionia uncinata</em> under abiotic stress conditions 2018.07.03
8 PsEst3, a new psychrophilic esterase from the Arctic bacterium Paenibacillus sp. R4: crystallization and X-ray crystallographic analysis 2020.04.27
9 Identification of Rice Genes Associated With Enhanced Cold Tolerance by Comparative Transcriptome Analysis With Two Transgenic Rice Plants Overexpressing DaCBF4 or DaCBF7, Isolated From Antarctic Flowering Plant Deschampsia antarctica 2018.05.23
10 The Complete Plastome Sequence of an Antarctic Bryophyte Sanionia uncinata (Hedw.) Loeske 2018.05.23
11 Crystal structure of a cold-active protease (Pro21717) from the psychrophilic bacterium, Pseudoalteromonas arctica PAMC 21717, at 1.4 A resolution: Structural adaptations to cold and functional analysis of a laundry detergent enzyme 2018.03.20
12 Crystal structure and enzymatic properties of chalcone isomerase from the Antarctic vascular plant Deschampsia antarctica Desv. 2018.03.20
13 Crystal structure of dihydrodipicolinate reductase (PaDHDPR) from Paenisporosarcina sp. TG-14: structural basis for NADPH preference as a cofactor 2018.06.12