KPDC, Korea Polar Data Center

Korea Polar Data Center Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall
be exchanged and made freely available

PAMC (Polar and Alpine Microbial Collection)

Polar and Alpine Microbial Collection (PAMC), is a culture collection established by Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) in 2012.
The collection is dedicated to polar and alpine microorganisms, PAMC retains approximately 6,500 strains originating from the Arctic, Antarctic, and alpine areas. PAMC provides information as well as biological materials. The search tools of PAMC are based on keywords such as taxonomy, geographical origin, habitat and physiological characteristics. PAMC provides support to scientists that lack the opportunity to visit the polar and alpine areas via biological research resources. In addition, PAMC endeavors in contributing to the development in the extreme life sciences.

KVH (Polar and Alpine Microbial Collection)

Mission of PAMC

01.Procurement, 02.Maintenance, 03.Increase of scientific potential and availability, 04.Cooperation


  • Procurement of various polar and alpine microorganisms from diverse habitats and geographical locations


  • Long-term conservation by applying various conservation methods and conditions
  • Stable supply of strains for sustainable use

Increase of scientific potential and availability

  • Acquisition of taxonomical, physiological, and genomic information
  • Access to up-to-date information about the microbial strains


  • Collaborations with other Bioresources centers worldwide to develop common standards, coherent policies, and a cost-effective, coordinated and sustainable development.
  • Collaborative research

PAMC Director

Hong Kum Lee (Ph.D.)
26 Songdomirae-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 21990, Korea