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Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shallbe exchanged and made freely available

Recent Data

  1. New Catalogue of Thwaites Glacier Subglacial Lakes and Their Activity Revealed by CryoSat-2 Altimetry

    This dataset unveils a newly compiled catalogue of active subglacial lakes beneath the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica, as detected through the CryoSat-2 satellite radar altimetry. The catalogue meticulously details each lake, outlining its boundaries, area, and elevation changes along with their 95% confidence intervals for precise scientific referencing. For citation purposes, please refer to the following article: B-H Kim, C-K Lee*, K-W Seo, W S Lee, and J-W Park. "New Catalogue of Thwaites Glacier Subglacial Lakes and Their Activity Revealed by CryoSat-2 Altimetry," currently under revision for the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface. Should you have any inquiries or require further information, Dr. Choon-Ki Lee is available at cklee@kopri.re.kr and would be pleased to assist.

  2. Soil temperature and moisture data collected from winter climate manipulation plots in Council, Alaska, USA from 09/2022 to 08/2023

    To monitor the changes in climate properties in soil by increasing snow depth by snow fence, micro-climate data (soil volumetric content and temperature for 10, 20 and 40 cm depth) for 1 year (2022.07.11.~2023.08.31) were collected.

  3. Carbon dioxide(CO2) flux measurement using manual chamber from climate change manipulation experiment in Council, Alaska in 2023

    To analyze the effect of winter climate change manipulation experiment on soil ecosystem, carbon dioxide(CO2) flux were measured using manual chamber connected with gas analyzer(Li-850) from the manipulation experiment region in Council, Alaska. Measurement were conducted from 12 of flux points (4 snow fences and 3 treatments(Control, Moderate snow, High snow) in each snow fence) for two periods in 2023 (7/23 ~ 8/5 and 9/3 ~ 9/17).

Popular Data

  1. 2D airglow intensity and mesopause temperature from MTM, 2023

    Two dimensional OH airglow intensity and temperature around 87km altitude at King Sejong Station, Antarctica. Studies of the atmospheric wave activities and mesopause temperature tendency in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) over the southern high latitude.

  2. Empirical projection of global sea level in 2050 driven by Antarctic and Greenland ice mass variations

    This data supplement the paper entitled 'Empirical projection of global sea level in 2050 driven by Antarctic and Greenland ice mass variations' by Lee et al. (2023).

  3. Climate Measurement Around the King Sejong Station, Antarctica in 2015

    Meteorological observation was carried out at the King Sejong Station in 2015. Observational elements are composed of wind, air temperature, relative humidity, station level atmospheric pressure, horizontal global solar radiation, longwave radiation, UV radiation, and precipitation. Goals of this observation are 1) to understand meteorological phenomena and 2) to monitor climate change at Antarctic Peninsula. These data are recorded automatically then examined by meteorological expert at the station to be produced as a daily, monthly, and annual report. To understand weather phenomema and to monitor at Antarctic Peninsula

King Sejong Station more infomation

Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica
  • Tue, 21 May, 2024, 03:54 AM (UTC)
  • 08:37
  • 15:06
  • -9.7 ℃
  • 89 %
  • 968 hPa
  • 15.4 m/s, E

Jang Bogo Station more infomation

Terra Nova Bay, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
  • Tue, 21 May, 2024, 03:40 AM (UTC)
  • --:--
  • --:--
  • -25.8 ℃
  • 44 %
  • 985 hPa
  • 3.0 m/s, NNW

Dasan Station more infomation

NyÅlesund, Norway, Europe
  • Tue, 21 May, 2024, 03:40 AM (UTC)
  • --:--
  • --:--
  • -4.5 ℃
  • 63 %
  • 1018 hPa
  • 2.6 m/s, WSW


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