KPDC, Korea Polar Data Center

Recent Data

  1. 2013 CTD Data, Ross Sea of Antarctic

    In order to understand the role of CDW (Circumpolar Deep Water) in controlling the hydrodynamics and related biochemical processes on the continental shelf of the Ross Sea, the oceanographic research was conducted from 2013 January 19 to March 02. The vertical temperature, salinity and depth were obtained at 41 stations using CTD and Rosette water sampler. In order to identify the temporal and spatial distribution of CDW on the Ross shelf and estimate the heat transport and its effect on the melting of ice shelves by CDW intrusion. A total of the oceanographic investigation was conducted using ship (ARAON) in 2013.

  2. Observed CTD data and dissolved noble gases along the Dotson Trough, Amundsen Sea, Antarctica in 2011

    This dataset is dissolved noble gases obtained during ANA01C cruise. The dataset also contain potential temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen obtained by CTD rosette system. The dataset constituted 5 station along the Dotson Trough, Amundsen Sea.

  3. A study on the distribution characteristics of stable oxygen isotope in the Amundsen Sea in 2011

    To investigate the controls that affect inorganic carbon in the water column of the Amundsen Sea, hydrographic survey using IBRV Araon was carried out from December 20, 2010 to January 22, 2011. Oxygen-18 isotopes were analyzed at 21 stations.

Popular Data

  1. Mutlibeam echosounder (MBES) data and sediment thickness mapping results from the sub-bottom profiler (SBP) data in the Chukchi Rise, Arctic Ocean

    The subbottom profiler (SBP) and multibeam echo sounder (MBES) data were densely collected in the Chukchi Rise during the IBRV Araon Arctic Expeditions from 2012 to 2019. These data were used for a high-resolution seismostratigraphic and morphobathymetric analysis of the seabed and seafloor on the northwestern Chukchi margin. The sediment thickness were produced by mapping the major seismostratigraphic unit boundaries using the SBP data.

  2. Gravity core from Antarctic Bellinghausen Sea (BS17-GC18)

    2016/2017 Bellinghausen Sea core, Antarctica Climate change observation

  3. Magnetic anomalies and bathymetry on the profile line (line2, 2013) crossing the seamounts around the KR1, Australian-Antarctic Ridge (AAR)

    Investigation of the seafloor topography and magnetic field of the seamounts


  1. King Sejong Station Barton Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica more infomation

    • Sun, 07 Mar, 2021, 05:31 PM
    • 05:21
    • 18:50
    • 3.4 ℃
    • 86 %
    • 980 hPa
    • 9.1 m/s, N
  2. Jang Bogo Station Terra Nova Bay, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica more infomation

    • Sun, 07 Mar, 2021, 08:30 PM
    • 04:45
    • 19:43
    • -13.4 ℃
    • 33 %
    • 1003 hPa
    • 10.6 m/s, WSW
  3. Dasan Station NyÅlesund, Norway, Europe more infomation

    • Sun, 07 Mar, 2021, 08:30 PM
    • 07:47
    • 16:58
    • -12.6 ℃
    • 57 %
    • 1016 hPa
    • 3.4 m/s, ESE