KPDC, Korea Polar Data Center

Korea Polar Data Center Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall
be exchanged and made freely available

Data Disclosure and Utilization

Article 10 (Data Disclosure and Utilization)

All data obtained from polar research activities shall be disclosed to be freely used for scientific purposes. The Data Center shall establish relevant system to be accessed and used by online and offline. The Data registered according to the data management plan shall not be disclosed for a certain period upon the principal investigator's request. However, the decision not to disclose requires a separate authorization. The Data Center shall open the data online and offline when the time of disclosure is coming according to data management plan, or after determining whether to disclose it or not within 14 days from the disclosure date requested by the principal investigator who is directly concerned. For efficient data search and effective data use, the Data to be disclosed shall be registered in the Antarctic Master Directory (AMD). Those who intend to use the Data shall submit an application, which includes the scope and the purpose of the Data utilization, to the Data Center, and the Data Center shall review the application and notify the result within 14 days.

Article 11 (Citation)

The Data shall be used within the extent of the scope and the purpose that are notified. In any results from the Data,
the Data source shall be referred following the standard format provided by the Data Center and the result shall be reported to the Data Center (further discussion required).

Article 12 (Data Management Report)

The Data Center shall make and report the status of data registration, inspection and utilization.
Supplementary Provision This Policy shall be effective on the date of announcement.