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북극권 동토 관측 거점을 활용한 환경변화 감시와 예측

Arctic permafrost environment change monitoring and prediction method developments

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No. Title Registration Date
1 The relationships of present vegetation, bacteria, and soil properties with soil organic matter characteristics in moist acidic tundra in Alaska 2021.04.29
2 racing potential emission source areas of climate-cooling materials in the circum-arctic region 2021.07.08
3 A study on the optical characteristics of atmospheric aerosol in the Arctic region 2021.07.07
4 Remote sensing of spatial and temporal patterns in carbon and water fluxes across arctic tundra region 2021.07.08
5 A study on nanoparticle formation and characterization of aerosols over the Arctic area 2021.07.08
6 Development of air quality modeling system for the Arctic 2021.07.08
7 Development of a ICT based observation systems of polar environment 2021.07.08
8 Data Assimilation of AOD and Estimation of Surface Particulate Matters over the Arctic 2021.04.29
9 Shallow soils are warmer under trees and tall shrubs across Arctic and Boreal ecosystems 2021.05.04
10 Approximated expression of the hygroscopic growth factor for polydispersed aerosols 2021.04.29
11 Distinct Microbial Communities in Adjacent Rock and Soil Substrates on a High Arctic Polar Desert 2021.04.30
12 Mass Extinction Efficiency Approximation for Polydispersed Aerosol Using Harmonic Mean-Type Approximation 2021.05.03
13 Atmospheric new particle formation characteristics in the Arctic as measured at Mount Zeppelin, Svalbard, from 2016 to 2018 2021.05.06
14 Arctic Hydrology, Permafrost and Ecosystems(Chaper 21- Boreal Forest and Forest Fires) 2021.09.15
15 Evaluation of land-atmosphere processes of the Polar WRF in the summertime Arctic tundra 2021.05.06
16 Korean Climate Change Assessment Report 2020 (Chap.5) 2021.09.16
17 Molecular Distributions and Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Plant Waxn-Alkanes in Marine Aerosols along a North-South Transect in the Arctic-Northwest Pacific Region 2021.05.21
18 Arctic Plants of Svalbard 2021.09.15
19 Soil organic matter characteristics in moist acidic tundra and its relationship with vegetation, soil microbiome, environment, and microtopography 2021.07.16