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Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration measurement at the Antarctic King Sejong Station in 2014

Atmospheric CO2 concentration measurement started using a Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy(WS-CRDS) at the Antarctic King Sejong Station in January of 2010. In October of 2010, CO2 concentration was involved as one of key constituents at the King Sejong station as GAW regional station. For quality assurance, routine managements of the system and its regular calibration using national standard CO2 gases of two-levels have been made at the site. In addition, dehumidification device is used to remove water vapor in the air sample before the sample arrives in the CRDS. Continuous monitoring of accurate and precision atmospheric CO2 concentration at King Sejong Station near the Antarctic Peninsula

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KSS(King Sejong Station)
WS-CRDS(Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy)
  • Sang-jong Park (sangjong@kopri.re.kr)
Research period
2014-01-01 ~ 2014-12-31
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2014-10-08 / 2020-10-21
Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration measurement at the Antarctic King Sejong Station in 2014 Investigation of Climate Change Mechanism by Observation and Simulation of Polar Climate for the Past and Present Park, Sang-jong
The data(KOPRI-KPDC-00000485) used in this work was provided by the Korea Polar Research Institute.
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  • lat:-62.220000, lon:-58.780000

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