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Field spectra of 17 vegetation species from 400 to 2500 nm in Barton Peninsula

Fied spectra of 17 representative vegetation species in the Barton Peninsula. The species in this spectral library includes Andreaea, Chorisodontium, Dead moss, Polytrichastrum, Polytrichum, Sanionia, Cladonia, Himantormia, Ochrolechia, Placopsis, Psoroma, Sphaerophorus, Stereocaulon, Usnea, Colobanthus, Deschampsia, Prasiola. The spectra obtained from 400 to 2500nm with 1nm spectral resolution using ASD Fieldspec 4. This spectral library can be used to classify and decompose multispectral or hyperspectral remote sensing data.

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  • Junhwa Chi (jhchi@kopri.re.kr)
  • Hyoungseok Lee (soulaid@kopri.re.kr)
Research period
2019-01-07 ~ 2019-02-08
Create/Update Date
2020-11-16 / 2022-04-08
GEOGRAPHIC REGION > Barton Peninsula, King George Island
The data(KOPRI-KPDC-00001597) used in this work was provided by the Korea Polar Research Institute.
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  • lat:-62.220278, lon:-58.771667

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