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Meteorological data at the Jang Bogo Station, Antarctica in 2020

Meteorological observation was carried out at the Jang Bogo Station in 2020. Observational elements are composed of wind, air temperature, relative humidity, station level atmospheric pressure, visibility, snow depth, cloud height, and precipitation. Goals of this observation are 1) to understand meteorological phenomena and 2) to monitor climate change at Antarctica. These data are recorded automatically then examined by meteorological expert at the station to be produced as a daily, monthly, and annual report. To understand weather phenomena and to monitor climate variation at Jang Bogo Station, Antarctica

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Science Keyword
EARTH SCIENCE > Climate Indicators > Air Temperature Indices > Common Sense Climate Index
EARTH SCIENCE > Climate Indicators > Humidity Indices > Humidity Index
EARTH SCIENCE > Atmosphere > Atmospheric Pressure > Atmospheric Pressure Measurements
EARTH SCIENCE > Atmosphere > Precipitation > Precipitation Amount
ISO Topic
TaeJin Choi (ctjin@kopri.re.kr)
Sang-jong Park (sangjong@kopri.re.kr)
Seong-Joong Kim (seongjkim@kopri.re.kr)
PE21030, Understanding of Antarctic climate and environment and assessments of global influence. PI.Seong-Joong Kim
Research period
2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31
Create/Update Date
2021-03-08 / 2021-03-08
Continent > Antarctica > Terra Nova Bay
The data(KOPRI-KPDC-00001635) used in this work was provided by the Korea Polar Research Institute.
Spatial Coverage
  • [lat:74° 37.4'S, lon:164° 13.7'E]

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