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2019/20 season Korean Route Traverse based GPS GIS data

GOAL ○ Development of Korean route and infrastructure such as research camp to approach the Antarctic inland ○ Establishment of support system for the Antarctic inland researches RESEARCH CONTENTS ○ A safe and reliable route expedition to the sites of the Subglacial Lake and Deep Ice Core drilling for Antarctic inland researches ○ Construction of logistic camps at the sites of the Subglacial Lake and Deep Ice Core drilling for Antarctic inland researches

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  • Khanghyun Lee (leekh@kopri.re.kr)
  • Jong Ik Lee (jilee@kopri.re.kr)
  • HONG KWI KIM (ghornl@kopri.re.kr)
  • Sangwoo Han (swhan@kopri.re.kr)
  • Seong Joon Jeon (sjjun@kopri.re.kr)
  • HOJE KWAK (khoje@kopri.re.kr)
  • JooHan Lee (joohan@kopri.re.kr)
  • Hyeon Tae Ju (hyeontae@kopri.re.kr)
  • Seung-Goo Kang (ksg9322@kopri.re.kr)
  • KwanSoo Kim (sincekks@kopri.re.kr)
  • Yong-Hoe Choi (yhchoe@kopri.re.kr)
  • Korea Railroad Research Institute
  • Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
  • Hokkaido University
  • Daum KaKao
  • Jae-hyun Park (zephyr@krri.re.kr)
  • Young-ho Lee (yhlee@krri.re.kr)
  • Jong-kyun Jung (jkchung@kasi.re.kr)
  • Dong-gyung Seo (pely@khu.ac.kr)
  • Tae-ho Yun (taio69@naver.com)
  • Ji-hwan Song (songkuny@hanmail.net)
Research period
2019-11-07 ~ 2020-01-18
Create/Update Date
2020-10-29 / 2021-10-08
CONTINENT > ANTARCTICA > JBS-Nansen Ice Sheet-Tarn Flat-David Glacier-Subglacier Lake(D2)-Elephant Moraine-Ice Divide
CONTINENT > ANTARCTICA > JBS-Nansen Ice Sheet-Tarn Flat-David Glacier-300 depot site-logistic route
The data(KOPRI-KPDC-00001512) used in this work was provided by the Korea Polar Research Institute.
Spatial Coverage


  • lat:-74.624050, lon:164.228789
  • lat:-77.048150, lon:149.097600


  • lat:-74.624050, lon:164.228789
  • lat:-75.131042, lon:149.040453

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Rawdata [미답지탐사단] 2019-20 Segment total (300km-최종항공정찰루트).kmz 48.67 Kb Request required
Rawdata [미답지탐사단] 2019-20 Segment total (JBS-Ice Divide).kmz 301.89 Kb Request required

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