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1 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002427]Meteorological data of Cambridge Bay site in Canada in 2023 2023-11-30
2 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002422]Meteorological data of DASAN station in 2023 2023-11-30
3 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002375]Meteorological observation data at the King Sejon Station from 2018 to 2021 2023-11-07
4 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001881]Meteorological data of DASAN station in 2021 2022-11-04
5 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001880]Meteorological data of Nord site in 2021 2022-11-04
6 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001888]Meteorological data of Cambridge Bay site in Canada in 2021 2022-11-04
7 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001889]Meteorological data of Baranova, Russia site in 2021 2021-11-30
8 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001885]Soil temperature data from active layer of Council, Alaska permafrost site in 2021 2021-11-30
9 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001878]Air temperature and humidity data collected from summer climate manipulation plots in Cambridge Bay, Canada from 06/2019 to 09/2021 2021-11-29
10 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001810]Global surface air temperature for the 2000 - 2019 winter from the CAM6 hindcast simulation 2021-10-10
11 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001637]Ship-borne meteorological data over the Arctic Ocean during Aug 10-21, 2016 (ARA07B) 2021-10-08
12 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001457]Ship-borne meteorological data over the Arctic Ocean in the summer of 2016 (ARA07B, ARA07C) 2021-10-08
13 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001823]Weather Data of Coldest Cases of the King Sejong Station, Antarctica 2021-10-05
14 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001279]Interaction map between micro-environments and biological responses in terrestrial ecosystem of KGL01 in Barton Peninsula, King George Island 2019-10-17
15 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001173]Surface temperature, Humidity, Pressure at the GPS stations around the Jang Bogo Station 2019-08-07