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1 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002434]Bacterial isolates obtained from the East Siberian Sea, Arctic 2023-11-30
2 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002297]Sequencing data of bacteria from Antarctic organic soils 2023-10-26
3 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002231]Sequencing data of bacteria and archaea from Antarctic glacier foreland soils 2023-10-23
4 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002165]Bacterial isolates obtained from the Beaufort Sea, Arctic 2022-11-24
5 [KOPRI-KPDC-00002155]Bacterial and archaeal genome sequence data from Alaska permafrost soil 2022-11-07
6 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001870]Bacterial and archaeal genome sequence data from anaerobically incubated permafrost soil (Alaska) 2021-11-09
7 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001612]Soil metagenome in the foreland of Styggedalsbreen glacier 2021-10-08
8 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001537]Biogeochemical data from David glacier 2021-10-08
9 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001843]Biogeochemical data from David glacier_2021 2021-10-06
10 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000327]Freshwater samples from McMurdo Dry Valleys in Victoria Land collected in 2012 2021-08-04
11 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001293]Genome sequence of Paenibacillus sp C1 2019-11-08
12 [KOPRI-KPDC-00001292]Genome sequence of Paenibacillus sp R4 2019-11-08
13 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000959]Whole genome sequecing of strain PAMC 27389 and four type strains of genus Pseudorhodobacter 2017-07-17
14 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000958]Whole genome sequencing of strain PAMC 20958 and one type strain of genus Halocynthiibacter. 2017-07-17
15 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000957]Whole Genome of OP9 Lineage 2017-07-17
16 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000696]Complete Genome Sequence of Colwellia hornerae PAMC20917 2016-12-01
17 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000556]Draft genomes of the type strains of Halomonas spp 2015-10-08
18 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000551]Genome information comparison study of strains belonged to the genus Domibacillus 2015-10-08
19 [KOPRI-KPDC-00000522]Soil and Fresh/Sea water samples from Barton Peninsular collected in 2014-2015 2015-10-01